Hair Styling

  • Haircuts
  • Wash and Curl/Blow/Styling
  • Power Wash


  • Colouring Services
  • Colour Touch Up
  • Highlight
  • Bleaching


Argan Oil Rebonding

Argan Oil Rebonding is packed with vitamin E to give your hair a natural boost. Its non-greasy formula increases the hydration of your hair which results in youthful and healthy appearance of the hair. Argan Oil Rebonding is suitable for hair that is hard-to-manage, frizzy and curly.

Other types of Rebonding:

  • Fringe Rebonding
  • Root Touchup
  • Soft Rebonding


Spa Perm (Cold)

Spa Perm is an award-winning ringlet solution that aims to keep your curls hydrated and silky through cold treatments. Often, with heat treatment, curls become dry and brittle overtime. As such, Euro Sense has introduced Spa Perm, a combination of hair spa and styling, for smooth and silky long-lasting waves.

Collagen Perm (Digital)

Collagen Perm breaks through conventional methods in perming and helps to repair the hair during the perm. Collagen polymer nourishes the hair to prevent brittle hair ends after perming and gives your hair a hydration boost. It restores damaged hair structure, giving your hair a luxurious feel.

Hair Treatment

Steam Pod Treatment

The Steam Pod Treatment utilizes high-pressure steam for a frizz-free and silky look. Steam Pod Treatment is for hair that is particularly thick, frizzy, puffy and curly and for those that prefer smooth and manageable straight hair.

Goldwell Kerasilk Control (Intensive Smoothing Mask)

Goldwell Kerasilk Control Treatment is a hair treatment that embodies the KeraShape technology. With heat treatments, a considerable amount of keratin is lost which thus results in brittle and frizzy hair. Hence, keratin and silk proteins is introduced to help stabilize your new hair shape without the use of chemicals or heat. New keratin bonds created will penetrate into the hair shaft to repair and replace damaged cells. With the use of active ingredients, Goldwell Kerasilk Control Treatment will give your hair a soft touch and regain its natural shine.

Other Hair Treatments:

  • Goldwell Dual Senses Rich Repair Treatment
  • Mucota Intensive Hydrating Treatment

Scalp Treatment

IBR Treatment (Intensive Botanical Regenerating)

IBR treatment uses botanical sources with “Icy-Cool Effect” to revitalize, cleanse and sooth the scalp with natural essential oils. Scalp will recover its natural balance and restore its normal physiological conditions to defend itself against irritation, dryness and scaliness.

Types of IBR treatment:

  • IBR Oily Scalp Treatment
  • IBR Sensitive Scalp Treatment
  • IBR Dandruff Treatment
  • IBR Hair Loss Treatment
  • IBR Thinning Hair Treatment

OXION Hair Thinning Treatment (OHT)

OXION treatment is an all-natural painless treatment aimed at increasing the firmness of the scalp to reduce hair falls. O3 technology used will help to revitalize dry scalp and promote new cell regeneration for healthy hair growth. OXION treatment will give you a soothing and clean scalp that regulates scalp’s oil secretion for healthy hair and scalp.

Other Scalp Treatments:

  • OXION Scalp Balance Treatment (OST)
  • Deep Cleansing Scalp Care Treatment

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