Customized Facial Treatments


At Euro Sense, we aspire to sincerely deliver beautifully tailored solutions to meet your needs. Euro Sense’s customized facial treatment penetrates through the epidermal layers of the skin to provide you with a healthy skin that glows from within. Facial treatments are customized for:

Clarifying Treatment

Clarifying treatment helps to unclog and remove impurities through basic facial purification. Deep cleansing of pores through the traditional facial extraction method will keep your skin free from impurities and leave you with a clean and clear skin.

Enzyme Treatment

Enzyme Treatment work by softening residues and brightening your skin naturally through Spa Steam Technology to ensure minimum redness and pain during extraction. A facial scrapper will be then used to extract impurities from pores. After which, ampule and smoothing massage cream will be applied to calm and close pores. This results in a naturally radiant and well-cleansed skin.

Basic Micro Needling

Derma Rollers supplies oxygen to the epidermal layers of the skin to boost skin cell generation. A cold press technique that consists of Spa Ball and Aloe Vera Gel Mask is also used to ensure optimum results in cell generation. New cells will surface on the skin and hence, the lightening of pigments on skin and skin stays firm and cleansed.

Basic Acne Treatment

Basic Acne Treatment helps to remove acne causing impurities and supplements it with extraction and deep cleansing techniques. This reduces the possibilities of an outbreak for a healthy looking skin.

Acne Prone Skin Treatment

Acne prone skin requires tender care in order to not further irritate the skin. The enzyme and steam treatment used helps to soften and disinfect pores before extraction. To minimize irritation, a clarifying ampule and an Aloe Vera Soothing Gel will then be used to further soothe and cool down the skin after the extraction. Lastly, the Pimple Disinfect Cream Mask applied will provide lasting disinfecting and clarifying benefits.

Sensitive Skin Treatment

Sensitive skin can lead to unhealthy exposure of the skin to the sun and penetration of irritants which further worsens the condition. Euro Sense’s sensitive skin treatment uses carefully selected ampules, Spa Balls, PH Gel and masks to supply your skin with moisture and provide your skin with a natural barrier to the sun and irritants.

Essential Soothing Therapy

Essential soothing therapy reduces irritation and redness caused by sensitive skin. Aloe Vera and Acerola are moisturizing ingredients used to provide calming and hydrating properties to the skin. Skin will also be supplied with essential minerals through the use of Volcano Rock Base Water and Camu Camu to help repair skin and promote skin cell renewal.

Crystal White Treatment

Crystal White Treatment helps to brighten the skin and provides lightening properties through ampules and masks for a luminous looking skin. This treatment is available as a single treatment or as an additional service to your beauty package.

ES Whitening Gua Sha Treatment

Getting to the root of the problem, Euro Sense uses the Whitening Gua Sha Treatment to stimulate the acupressure points to detoxify and supply antioxidants to the skin for a natural rejuvenation that results in brighter and even skin tone. As such, this reduces water retention and regulates blood circulation for a naturally bright and rosy skin.

Dermabrasion Treatment

Dermabrasion treatment uses “Diamond Peels” to remove dead skin cells and ensures skin cell regeneration for new skin cells to surface on the skin. The treatment will also supply active ingredients and vitamins to the epidermal layers of the skin. Thus, new skin cells will help to form a smoother and brighter looking skin with fewer fine lines and wrinkles.

Intensive Hydro Treatment
Dehydrated skin can easily lead to sensitive and dry skin causing the skin to lose its natural shine and elasticity. As such the intensive hydro treatment provides a hydro boost to skin, leaving you with a young, soft and supple skin.

Hydro Synthesis Treatment

Hydro Synthesis Treatment is clinically chosen as one of the best solution for dehydrated and aging skin. It ensures optimum penetration and retention of active ingredients, antioxidants and hyaluronic acid into the epidermal layers of the skin for maximum moisturizing effect. The P.C. Sonic Ultrasonic technology, oxy serum and scrubber used helps skin to further lock in moisture for a naturally radiant and supple skin.

O2 Treatment

O2 treatment uses the Oxy Spray technology to supply your skin cells with 98% concentrated oxygen to restore their natural moisturizing abilities. Oxygen supplied help to revitalize elastin cells and enhance the production of collagen for the diminishing of fine lines caused by dehydrated skin. After this treatment, your skin will be left young, smooth and soft.

Preventive and Aging Care Treatments


Premature aging of the skin can be caused by dry skin and repeated exposure to UV lights. Aging skin leads to the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, dark spots and causes an uneven skin tone. Hence, Euro Sense provides a series of anti-aging treatments tailored to meet your skin’s needs.

Types of Anti-aging Treatments:

  • Dehydrated Skin Treatment
  • Pigmentation Skin Treatment

Ultra Eye Revive+
Euro Sense’s Eye Revive Treatment aims to reduce eye strain caused by daily computer radiation and removes toxins accumulated around eye area. Soothing essential oils and cold press techniques are used in Ultra Eye Revive+ Treatment to counter problems such as eye bags, puffy eyes and dark eye rings.
Other Eye Treatments

  • ApolloLift Eye Therapy
  • Therma+ Eye Therapy
  • Lymphatic Eye Detox
  • Eye Gua Sha Treatment

Micro Oxy Needling Therapy
Dermarollers aids in the production of new skin cells by constantly supplementing your skin with oxygen. The rapid skin cell generation will leave you with fewer wrinkles and fine lines, but a firmer and younger looking skin.

Snail Therapy
A natural ingredient therapy to hydrate the skin and restore the skin’s natural moisture. The natural moisture helps to keep your skin soft and supple and forms a protective layer to keep pollutants out. Snail Therapy also boasts its whitening effects for a more even skin tone and reduces the appearance of dark spots.

Green Lift Therapy
A combination of the goodness of papaya extract and a needless injector cream to help skin cells regeneration. Cells regeneration provides firming and lifting effects. The injector cream will help to remove toxins and inhibit the formation of pigments for a more refined skin. Green Lift Therapy also strengthens moisture retain for a radiant and young looking skin.

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