Lymfossa 39 Facial Therapy

Lymfossa 39 Facial Therapy uses the latest hydrating and transdermal nanotechnology to activate the 9 lymphatic channels in our face and 3 lymphatic fossa points. 3 in 1 facial therapy works by stimulating your meridian pointsdetoxifying facial, head, neck lymphatic fossa through lymphatic channels and also by using natural ingredients to promote natural radiance on the face.

The Lymfossa Facial Therapy provides great lifting effects that reduces wrinkle appearance on the face. You will be able to see immediate difference after the therapy session. Skin will appear radiant, young and healthy after just one session.

  • Provides deep hydration and brightening effects
  • Balance out skin’s PH value
  • Strengthen immunity of skin and help to protect against UV rays
  • Protect skin against radiation
  • Break down melanin cells
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Neck Lymfossa Therapy combines the latest hydrating and transdermal nanotechnology to provide uplifting effects from the neck. The unique uplifting techniques aids in lymphatic drainage to provide you with swan like neck.

  • Refines fine lines on the neck
  • Elevates stiff neck by promoting blood circulation
  • Provides detoxification through lymphatic channels

Romemile Accu Eye Treatment

Romemile eye treatment uses a fusion of traditional chinese and western methods to restore eye’s natural protective barrier to lock in moisture and prevent the loss of nutrients from the eye. It helps to enhance cell’s vitality to counter the effects of aging skin around the eyes.

  • Refine wrinkles
  • Reduce eye bag appearance
  • Relieve tired eyes
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