Styling and Colouring

Hair Styling

All of our hair cuts are inclusive of a complimentary wash for all different age groups.

Wash and Cut

Leave it to our professional hairdressers to get the hair cut you’ve always wanted. It even comes with a complimentary wash!      


Wash and Blow

Treat your beautiful hair and yourself to a relaxing hair wash and blow dry with our handy hairstylists, you deserve only the best!       

Fringe Cut

We even have services purely for trimming your overgrown bangs or for individuals who’ve decided to get some fringe for that extra flare!

Hair Colouring

Anything, and we mean anything you want, from a simple root touch-up to a crazy full-blown coloured head: we will do it all.


If you want a change, you’re always welcomed here at our hair studio. Achieve hair colours like your favourite TV actress or Korean singer, leave it to our hairstylists!           



Make your bed of hair look fuller with the addition of highlights to it. With the wide variety of colours we provide at our studio, you’ll be spoilt for choice.



Our bleaching services will definitely aid in achieving the colour tone closest to what you request!

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