Rebonding & Perming

Hair Rebonding

Keep your hair straight, sleek and shiny with our hair rebonding services. 

Soft Rebonding

Instead of the usual strong chemicals and high heat, soft rebonding uses a lower temperature and milder hair chemicals to reduce the natural frizz!


Fringe Rebonding

Here, we provide you with the option of rebonding only your fringe. 

Rebond Root Touch-up

Touch up your wavy or curly roots and keep your hair straight and ready with a root touch-up!

Hair Perming

Take the perm plunge and try out our hair perming services to achieve a look as stunning as big names on screen like Emma Stone!

Spa Perm (Cold)

Spa Perm is an award-winning ringlet solution that aims to keep your curls hydrated and silky through cold treatments. Often, with heat treatment, curls become dry and brittle overtime. As such, Euro Sense has introduced Spa Perm, a combination of hair spa and styling, for smooth and silky long-lasting waves.

Collagen Perm (Digital)

Collagen Perm breaks through conventional methods in perming and helps to repair the hair during the perm. Collagen polymer nourishes the hair to prevent brittle hair ends after perming and gives your hair a hydration boost. It restores damaged hair structure, giving your hair a luxurious feel.

Argan Oil Treatment

Argan Oil Rebonding is packed with vitamin E to give your hair a natural boost. Its non-greasy formula increases the hydration of your hair which results in youthful and healthy appearance of the hair. Argan Oil Rebonding is suitable for hair that is hard-to-manage, frizzy and curly.

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