Hair & Scalp Treatment

Hair Treatments

Give your hair a break from all the colouring and styling. Get your frizzy and dry hair some treatment to get it back to it’s original state.

Steam Pod

The Steam Pod Treatment utilizes high-pressure steam for a frizz-free and silky look. Steam Pod Treatment is for hair that is particularly thick, frizzy, puffy and curly and for those that prefer smooth and manageable straight hair.

Dual Sense Goldwell Mask

Regenerate your damaged hair with our mask from Goldwell. It’s also a professional solution for instantly beautiful hair with built-in colour protection

Intensive Hydrating Treatment

Reduce the tangles and knots in your head with our intensive hydrating treatment that is sure to bring back the moisture into every strand of your hair

Scalp Treatments

Here at Euro Sense, we offer the most effective scalp treatment to bring back the life in your hair and health of your scalp. We believe that healthy scalp is equal to gorgeous hair.

Scalp Cleansing

When you do a deep cleanse, you detoxify the hair and scalp. In other words, you are removing all the build-up, dead skin cells and oils from the roots and hair

Intensive Botanical Regenerating

BR treatment uses botanical sources with “Icy-Cool Effect” to revitalize, cleanse and sooth the scalp with natural essential oils. Scalp will recover its natural balance and restore its normal physiological conditions to defend itself against irritation, dryness and scaliness.

Types of IBR treatment:

  • IBR Oily Scalp Treatment
  • IBR Sensitive Scalp Treatment
  • IBR Dandruff Treatment
  • IBR Hair Loss Treatment
  • IBR Thinning Hair Treatment

OXION Scalp Treatment

OXION treatment is an all-natural painless treatment aimed at increasing the firmness of the scalp to reduce hair falls. O3 technology used will help to revitalize dry scalp and promote new cell regeneration for healthy hair growth.

OXION treatment will give you a soothing and clean scalp that regulates scalp’s oil secretion for healthy hair and scalp.

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