Hair Styling & Colouring

Tired of your old hair? Come spruce things up at our hair department with a brand new hairstyle or try out a new colour for your hair! 

Basic Services
  • Wash and Blow
  • Wash and Cut
  • Fringe Cut
Hair Colouring Services
  • Colour
  • Highlight
  • Bleaching

Rebonding & Perming

Want to add some curls to your hair for an evening dinner party or straighten out your natural curls? We’ve got it covered for you.

Hair Straightening Services
  • Fringe Rebonding
  • Rebond Root Touch-up
  • Soft Rebonding
Hair Perming Services
  • Spa Perm (Cold)
  • Collagen Perm (Digital)
  • Argan Oil Treatment

Hair Treatment

Take care of your hair with our treatments that specialise in solving frizz issues, dry hair and more.

  • Steam Pod
  • Dual Sense Goldwell Mask
  • Moist Shine
  • Intensive Hydrating Treatment

Scalp Treatment

We have a series of scalp treatments that revitalises, cleanses and soothes the scalp to restore its original condition.

  • Scalp Cleansing
  • OXION Scalp Treatments
  • Intensive Botanical Regenerating Treatment
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