Our Signature Facial

Lymfossa Detox Facial

Using new technology, Lymfossa Detox Facial is prided as Euro Sense’s signature facial. 

Apart from beautifying your face, this therapy also has a detoxification function as it targets the lymphatic channels located in our faces.

It also provides lifting effects that reduces wrinkle appearance on the face. 

For Oily Skin

Oily skin is one of the most common skin types found among people. This skin type is very prone to developing pimples that could lead to acne if not treated properly. 

For Sensitive Skin

For anyone who has sensitive skin, we’ve got you covered. Euro Sense caters a range of treatments that is suitable for sensitive skin and can also help improve your skin’s sensitivity.

For Dry/Dehydrated Skin

When you have dehydrated skin, it means that the uppermost layer of the skin is lacking in moisture. Here is a list of Euro Sense’s solutions to getting moisture back in your systems!

For Scars/Skin Pigmentation

If your skin has scarring or pigmentation, try out our treatments that specially cater to reversing the damage your skin has gotten over the years.

For Aging Skin

Experiencing dry or loose skin due to aging? Bring out the youth in you again with our series of treatments that help keep your face fresh and firm like it was before!

Eye Treatments

Relieve your tired and dry eyes with our eye treatments that replenishes the moisture and nutrients your eye needs

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