Due to our hectic lifestyles, it is often difficult to find time for exercise nowadays. Due to the lack of exercise, muscles tend to stick to muscle tendons easily, causing it to become stiff and hard. This leads to a series of chain effects such as causing meridian blockages and blood clot in vessels that further accumulates toxins in your body, lowering your immunity and even affecting the functions of your vital organs.

CXR Healing therapy uses precious herbs and specially formulated massage techniques will be used for the optimum absorption of 3 types of herbal oil to clear blockages caused by toxins in meridian channels. The traditional Chinese herbs penetrated into the meridian channels will help to provide relief for tightened muscle nodules to untie tight muscle knots. This therapy also relieves the “Buffalo Hump” on the neck and shoulders through the stimulation of meridian channels by pushing the essence of the traditional herbs into the body.

Benefits of CXR Healing Therapy:

  • Remove toxins and improve vitality
  • Remove cold and dampness in the body to cultivate natural warmth production
  • Achieving optimal yin-yang balance and improve body condition
  • Ensure blood flow through meridian channels for pain relief
  • Provide solution to uneven shoulder blades

The CXR Healing Therapy can be used on multiple areas of concern:

  • Stomach
  • Bottom
  • Upper thigh
  • Back
  • Renal Area
  • Neck and shoulders

The lymphatic channels around the chest area are the most important defense mechanism in our body that aids in the filtering of toxins and enhancing of immunity. About 2/3 of lymph nodes lay around the breast area, collar bone and underarms.

The chances of getting breast cancer increases as women age. Many breast cancer symptoms are invisible and unnoticeable without a professional screening but some symptoms can be caught early just by being proactive about your breast health

CXR Breast Care Therapy

Our treatment aims to cleanse excess breast tissues and channel essential nutrients to the breast. CXR Breast Care Therapy focuses on 5 essential steps to better breast health:

Our Breast Care Therapy allows the herb extracts to be directly absorbed into the applied area during treatment. This speeds up the absorption rate and efficiency as it bypasses the slow process of absorption through the digestive system.

This patented formula combines the use of precious natural herbs with our exclusive breast cleaning massage to cleanse the breast from within and show an instantaneous, obvious result after treatment.

Benefits of Breast Wellness Care Therapy

  • Revive function of breast tissues to prevent stagnant tissues and outgrowth of cells
  • Stimulate endocrine glands around breast area for the regulation of hormones
  • Cleanse the lymphatic channels and replenish “Qi” (Energy) and “Xue” (Blood) to improve vitality of breast cells
  • Activate glandular connective tissues for the firming of chest muscles to prevent sagging

The ovaries are key players in the female reproduction system. Apart from producing ova, they secrete hormones such as estrogen and progesterone. These are vital to normal reproductive development and fertility. Ovaries that are unhealthy often result in females getting menstrual cramps during their periods or even having an early menopause.

Menstrual cramps are interpreted as having poor energy and blood circulation, uterus having a lack of nutrients and having blockages of the uterus and ovary. These are often the result of hormonal imbalance from unhealthy ovaries, which can also lead to an abnormal growth of fibroid cells which may cause further complications.


CXR Ovary Care Therapy

Our therapy aims to balance our female hormones and to maintain a healthy uterus. This reduces the occurrence of frequent painful menstrual cramps and regulates normal fibroid cell production.


Benefits of CXR Ovary Care Therapy

  • Significant reduction in menstrual cramps
  • Aid in the drainage of toxins
  • Achieve hormonal balance
  • Reduces possibilty of fibroid growth
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